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Biography of Ms. Wynn


Hello Parents and Students!


I am very excited to be a science teacher at Thomasville Middle School this year!  Seven years ago, my family and I relocated to the Winston Salem/Forsyth County area, and have taught in local elementary and middle schools for the duration of us being here.  I truly enjoy teaching older children, especially in the areas of science and math, which is why I decided to continue my teaching career in those areas.  Up until this past school year, I have worked in both Forsyth County Schools (2 years) and Guilford County Schools (5 years).


Prior to moving to North Carolina, I was working towards higher educational endeavors in the Masters of Education in Science and Mathematics for Teachers Program at the College of Charleston.  Since moving to North Carolina, I have completed my Masters of Education Program at North Carolina State University. 


It was at the College of Charleston that I became prepared to be a highly qualified teacher.  During my undergraduate experience, I was afforded the opportunity to complete my student teaching program and gain more teaching experience in Dorchester County District II Schools.  It was during my time as a second grade teacher when I realized that teaching is a great deal more than just getting in front of a classroom and teaching from daily lesson plans.  Therefore, I decided to take my teaching experience to a totally new level by gaining experience in other related fields as a means to help myself become the most effective teacher that I could possibly be. 


In my time of discovering the foundation of effective teachers, I was afforded the chance to work as a service associate with the Lowcountry Food Bank.  During this experience, I learned about the extensive amount of hunger within the state of South Carolina, as well as the effects that hunger has on a child’s education.  I wanted to get a deeper understanding of other issues that hinder and/or help children’s abilities to learn as well.  Therefore, as soon as the opportunity presented itself for me to work with the Department of Social Services, I took advantage of that chance.  From June 2007 until moving to Winston Salem in July of 2012, I worked in the Foster Care Division of the Charleston County Department of Social Services.  With this agency, I worked closely with several state agencies, school districts, churches, non-profit organizations, and other community agencies to develop and implement individualized treatment plans as a means to better the lives of the children and families of whom I served.  My experience with working in this department helped me on several different levels to acknowledge not only the importance, but the value of working together as a team for the greater good of others.  I also now have a much greater understanding of the plethora of issues that positively and negatively affect a child’s ability to effectively learn within the classroom setting.  In addition, I have spent over ten years both volunteering and working for the Dorchester County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs where I worked with families and individuals of loved ones with disabilities.  With all of the experience I gained from undergraduate school and to the present, I became confident in the fact that I was prepared and truly equipped to be a great teacher to my students and their families. 


I am reassured that the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last several years of my life will prove to be beneficial to your child and this school district as a whole.  I also feel that my teaching philosophy will be essential in aiding students to first believe in themselves in order to accomplish any goal they set, as well as aiding them to be their best academically, socially, and in all other aspects of their lives.  I will do my very best to be a great asset to your students through my compassion and enthusiasm for working with children, my understanding that teaching focuses on the individual needs of each student, and my willingness to go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that all goals for every child are met.  


Should you have any questions regarding your child's success in my classroom, please feel free to contact me at any time.  I truly look forward to working with you  and your scholar this year!


Be Blessed!


Tiffany M. Wynn

M.Ed Science Education

Thomasville Middle School 

7th & 8th Grade Science 


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