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Second Chances

Graded assignments have been distributed.  These must be shown to parents and then kept inside of your science binders at all times.  If you have been given back an assignment which tells you to make corrections prior to a grade being given, then you must do so by Monday, October 11.  If these corrected assignments are not turned back in on time, then your grade will remain as is, even if it's a zero.
The following assignments can be made up, but must be completed to class expectations.  The final date to turn in these assignments is Monday, October 11, 2021.  To be fair to those who turned in their assignments on time, the highest grade which can be earned for these assignments is 75%.  Only assignments with a zero or an F can be made.  I will use the following scale to assign grades.
F=Whatever score you earn below a 60
Students and parents are responsible for printing the following assignments off for students to complete since a copy has already been provided for each student whether they were present or absent for these assignments.  Any questions about the assignments must be asked prior to the weekend as no responses will be given over the weekend.
The following tests and quizzes can be made up for credit up to 80% if you received an F or D on your last test or quiz or if you have not taken it at all.  You must use your same study guide and must also understand that although this test may cover the same topics, it will be a different test.  Make up tests will occur after school on Monday, October 11 and Tuesday, October 12.  YOU MUST SCHEDULE WITH MS. WYNN BY THE DAY BEFORE YOU ARE TO TAKE THE TEST/QUIZ AND BY 5PM.
1. 8P1.2 Quiz
2. 8P1 Unit Test
3. Matter Sort Quiz
4. Matter/Atom Cut and Paste Quiz
The following assignments can be made up but you must come and get a copy from Ms. Wynn by Friday, October 8.
1. 8P2.1 Vocabulary cards
2. Physical and Chemical Properties "Quiz"
Everyone can turn in the following assignments for full credit through this upcoming Thursday, October 7
1. Energy Webquests
2. 8P1 Unit Study Guide (60 questions)