Tiffany Wynn » Sub Work 11/5/2021

Sub Work 11/5/2021

Hello Everyone!  I'm sorry for missing today, but I should be back on Monday.  Please work hard to get your assignments done.  Please use the PPT below to fill in the blanks the note packet provided in class today.  If you have time left,  raise your hand and ask the teacher to give you the copy of the ocean zones question sheet on the counter.  Don't forget to highlight your answers within the passage.  Lastly, complete vocabulary cards for the following words:
intertidal zone
neritic zone
oceanic zone
sunlight zone
twilight zone
midnight zone
abyssal zone
hadal zone
These are due Monday, along with the other 14 cards from earlier this week.  Enjoy your weekend, and I hope to see you all on Monday.