Lab Requests

Please look at the calendar below and see if a lab is available.  If the lab is not listed on the calendar, it should be free.  Please email Mr. Swaim or Mrs. Skriletz to reserve your time.

Your lab time is not final until you receive an email from Mr. Swaim or Mrs. Skriletz with the date & time.  If the time you have requested is already booked, you will be emailed alternate dates/times.
Labs available for school sign up:
Lab 104
Lab 162
Lab 168
Laptop Cart G
Laptop Cart H
Media Chromebook Cart
Media Center:
Please make sure you reserve media center space with Mrs. Skriletz. 
**To help with student login times, please try to reserve the same labs throughout the year and have students use the same device.  This will cut down on login times.**